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Meet ALOVA in Global Sources Exhibition the world's biggest mobile electronics trade fair!
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About ALEX

Starting in 2014, six years of accumulation, Shenzhen Alex Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company focusing on bone conduction technology in China. Our company is committed to building a great bone conduction hearing aid brand - ALOVA, giving bone conduction headphones a new life. ALOVA is a "sound without the ears" and fights for audio-visual health. ALOVA "A new way of listening."
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What is bone conduction?

Most of the sound comes from the sound waves passing through the air to the tympanic membrane, and then the sound waves vibrate the tympanic membrane and transmit the sound to the inner ear. Another way is that the sound waves are transmitted directly to the inner ear through the bone vibration without passing through the tympanic membrane. This is also a new way for humans to hear their own voice. It is bone conduction.
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